​​Emerald Hills  
   Bed & Breakfast
(and offsite bungalow)​​


Greetings from the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota!   We need the talents of another smiley-faced :) workamping couple for the 2016 season.     For years we hired "locals" but quite frankly, we have found year after year, that workampers are more mature, responsible, honest and have a work ethic.    

We have a small bungalow we rent out during the season (3 night minimum) that needs to be kept up inbetween guests, as does the property it sits (including the 4 RV hook ups a stone's throw away).   You can see it at:  http://emeraldhillsbb.com/bungalow .   Guests start coming late May and continue through mid to late September.  When the guests check out, the bungalow needs to be cleaned (takes one person about 3-4 hours), linens/towels need to be washed and the dishwasher run.   Generally guests   do quick meals (microwave, stovetop).  The bungalow has 2 bedrooms and   one bathroom.  It has never been "trashed",  just mainly surface dirt.  Guests are told that if they want cleaning services while they are there, it is an extra fee and so far, no one has requested that so it gets cleaned an average of twice a week.  When someone checks out, the next check in is usually the next day or two.   I generally do not do same day check ins and only did that twice last year because someone added a day at the last minute.

As far as the property upkeep is concerned, we provide a riding mower and weedeater.  Also need occasional handyman stuff.  Generally that would be things like minor carpentry repairs,  painting, replace lights, etc., although sometimes we need to call someone in for more advanced type of repairs.  You never know what will break!

I also just opened a two-suite bed and breakfast this year and because it is my first year, I dont expect to be busy, especially with only two rooms.  Need minimal help with the B&B / property it sits on.  It is 3 miles away.

We are looking for a couple  to work a total of 30 hours every two weeks (ie., one week could be 12 hours and the other 18 hours) and for that, you would get:

free hookups (water,sewer,elec)
free laundry use at the bungalow in between guests (including detergent)coupon book for the area
occasional breakfast

We are looking for someone right away!  :)   If interested, I can be reached at 605 787 3743.  I can also provide "references" from previous workampers by passing your phone number on to them if you want more info.   Shari

BTW - just a little about myself.  I retired from the fed govt in 2004 and jumped right into an innkeeper job.  My 1st  B&B had 8 rooms and I ran it until the season ended 2014.  In 2015 we sold and I missed meeting people and cooking breakfast so in May, we opened Emerald Hills B&B with only 2 suites.  I am also the VP of the West River Spay Neuter Coalition and we help low income people get their cats fixed.  In addition I TNR (trap-neuter-return) feral cats and have fostered and rehomed cats that were not feral.  My last "triumph" was Spirit, a blind deaf cat.  No idea how she survived out there but eventually was able to help get her into a blind cat rescue.  Before her, I rescued "Brad Paisley" who was living outside in a terrible trailor park and was declawed!  Before that, March of 2015, with assistance from my "cat lady" network, we were able to rescue 3 cats being kept in carriers outside under blankets (the "person" that had them had 70 critters taken from her during 2015  by animal control due to neglect/abuse).  I also like to do projects with glass, am addicted to HGTV, chips & dip, and of course, my own cats - Bailey, Kahlua, TOC (that orange cat) and Shirley Temple.  My husband, Lee, is retired from the merchant marines and traveled the world over many times.